Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation in Kelowna

Kelowna, along with other cities in the province of British Columbia, is reported to encounter an increasing problem of alcohol and drug related addictions.

In the past several years, many parents and family members sadly witnessed more and more young people including teen agers neglect their promising futures and throw their lives away to the drugs.

Researchers tried to understand the typical age ranges for drug abuse to start. Statistics indicate that about ten percent of young people in Kelowna and other parts of Canada starting the use of drugs are in the twelve to seventeen-year age range. Another alarming number is that almost forty percent are between the ages of eighteen to twenty-five. Studies also show that even though marijuana is the common drug for these age groups, there are many who move towards much more serious drugs known as club drugs including ecstasy.

With the increased crime and death rates attributed to the abuse of drugs, the government of Canada started to take steps during the past few years to address this tragedy. Other organizations have also stepped in.

Kelowna is not alone with the problem of alcohol and drug abuse. There are several other towns and cities in the province of British Columbia and in Canada with similar problems. Taking timely action and seeking support is very much needed.

When you or someone you love are caught in the vicious circle of addiction, it is often a very confusing situation. It can be difficult to know exactly which way to go when considering treatment options. You may not be able to decide if a private treatment facility or a government treatment centre is the best choice for your specific need.

If you need help for you or a family member, please contact local support services in the Kelowna. You will be put in contact with an experienced addiction referral counselor. They are trained to understands the agony that a parent or a loved one of a teenager going through substance abuse problems. The dishonesty and betrayal caused as a result of drugs or alcohol abuse is difficult for the whole family.

The referral counselor will do a general evaluation of the situation and explains the treatment options that are available. Then they will suggest choices for addiction treatment centers in Kelowna or other nearby locations.

Drug rehab centres are places where you can get professional care and support for your loved ones. Your son or daughter, husband or wife is not just another “addict” Kelowna, but a person going through a difficult stage in their life and requires support.

Addiction treatment is a complicated topic with a number of approaches for treatment and rehabilitation. Please make sure to seek help as soon as you realize there is a problem.

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