Treatment for behavioral addiction in Kelowna

There are certain things we know we shouldn’t do, but we do it anyway. Perhaps you consume too much food, spend too much money, or watch too much television. If your bad habits are interfering with your everyday life, you may have an addiction that requires professional attention.

The term behavior addiction refers to more than just bad habits. It is characterized by compulsive behaviors that are driven by uncontrollable urges. When not treated properly, behavioral addiction can destroy families, destroy relationships, and ruin lives.

The withdrawal symptoms associated with behavioral addiction are different from those associated with drug and alcohol addiction. However, symptoms of emotional and mental stress are similar.

These behavioral addictions also have physical consequences. For example, sex addicts may suffer from STIs, and internet and video game addicts can suffer from hand injuries, headaches, neck and back pain.

A person experiencing psychological withdrawal symptoms is likely to experience feelings of cravings, anxiety, and trouble sleeping, which are similar to those in drug addiction.

That leads to the bugging question everyone in Kelowna is asking- how can behavioral addiction be treated?

Behavioral therapies such as cognitive behavior therapy, talk therapy, and group therapy are effective in helping to treat addictions. Behavioral addicts are often also dealing with mental health disorders or substance abuse. The doctor usually diagnoses and treats both behavioral addictions and their underlying disorders.

There may be fewer physical risks to the health of those with behavioral addictions than those with drug addictions.

However, leaving a behavioral disorder untreated may cause great suffering for the addict, those close to him or her, and to Kelowna. It is important that you or someone you care about seek the help you need from a qualified counselor.

It is possible to curtail these behaviors, enabling addicts to regain their lives through intensive and comprehensive treatment. Kelowna has a functional health system that is dedicated to helping behavioral and substance use abuse addicts.

Personalized treatment plans are vital to the successful recovery from behavioral addictions because each one is so individual.

Co-occurring mental illness or substance abuse disorders are not uncommon among people with behavioral addictions. The dual diagnosis is often given in such cases, and both conditions may be treated simultaneously.

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